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Pikaba Under the Hood

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If you’re already a Pikaba merchant, you’ve experienced the variety of social commerce features and seller tools available from your Merchant Center. Probably you didn’t try everything Pikaba has to offer, but when you’re comfortable with the basics, it’s easier to understand what you’re getting for your money and learn all the bells and whistles at a later time.

During last months, we rolled out a number of neat things on merchant profiles and listings to make them as crisp and efficient as possible.

In particular, now Pikaba

How Pikaba Works

So if you’re not a Pro merchant, you now know what you’re missing out.

Your Community. Your Pikaba.

We’ve been also working on some new ways to improve experience for brands, small business and community owners, transforming the complex technology behind Pikaba into new monetization opportunities for them. Now we offer a customizable version of Pikaba as a white label solution. In this scenario, people post requests to buy new or used gadgets, cars, plan their vacations, and decorate their homes on your own website, where you sign merchants on your own terms. How cool is that?


In a nutshell, our goal is to connect buyers and sellers via web and mobile, locally or internationally. So stay tuned – we’re planning to keep pushing the technology, S-commerce and hassle-free social commerce experience to the new highs.

New to Pikaba? Watch this video: