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Introducing Our Revamped YouTube Channel

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We’ve updated our YouTube channel with new videos and playlists. It’s now ready for you – get your popcorn and check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/PikabaCom


For your convenience, we’ve organized playlist in three major categories:

Featured Playlists

You can also subscribe to it, so you will always have our new videos at your fingertips.


Thank you for watching and stay tuned!


Pikaba for Sellers – Plans and Pricing – All You Have to Do is Sell

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At Pikaba we’re working hard at building the best social commerce platform to empower SMBs and creative businesses. So what’s this going to cost you? If you’re considering joining our marketplace as a seller, here’s our pricing model – Merchant Plans – that lets you run an online store and use our lead generation tools, including

  • A product-request matching dashboard that updates in real-time.
  • Instantly give price quotes, special offers, discounts and coupons to the potential buyers., individually or in bulk.
  • Track leads and eliminate bad leads.
  • Receive email or SMS notifications about new relevant shopping requests.

There are three Merchant Plans currently being offered:

  • Merchant – for individual sellers or service providers
  • MerchantPro - the most popular among Pikaba sellers
  • MerchantMax – includes all the features of Merchant and MerchantPro plans. Sellers with a large volume of products especially will benefit from the simplified pricing.


If you’re not a Pikaba seller yet, follow our easy sign-up process to create your account:

  1. Go to the Plans & Pricing page.
  2. Select a plan by clicking the Choose Plan button.
  3. Complete a short registration form and then click Sign Up.
  4. Confirm the email address, open your own online store and offer special deals to our growing community of social shoppers.


Social Commerce in Action: How Pikaba Helps Publishers and Local Communities

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Your content is king. Your community is awesome. But are you still looking for ways to increase revenues? Whether you’re an influential blogger, a technology early adopter, a professional service directory owner with an awesome community behind you, Pikaba can help you profit from your expertise and industry insight.

Pikaba Marketplace

Pikaba connects offline-local with online-mobile-social

Pikaba, a social commerce platform, employs name-your-price and what-you-want models bringing an engaging and responsive social marketplace, including online stores, lead generation, communities, group buying and recommendations. By taking it to the next level with white-label marketplaces for publishers and local communities, Pikaba seems to have pretty much everything for the next big thing in commerce, both offline (local) and online.

So, how does it work?

You’ll get one central location to create, manage and report on your social commerce marketplace:

  • Connect Buyers and Sellers in your niche
  • Empower your community with social commerce
  • Build your own economic value
  • Launch consultation and training
  • Monetize traffic and profit from transactions

Watch this video with Pikaba CEO Dmitry Balin (@DBalin) and learn how Pikaba helped Jewish Washington move from their old classifieds website to a modern, easy-to-manage community marketplace.

Take the Next Step

Benefit from the sharing economy – create your social marketplace on Pikaba.

Learn more about our social commerce and social shopping tools:


Want to Get Better Deals? Invite Friends on Pikaba

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Is Your Network Big Enough To Get a Bargain?

As a social shopping network, Pikaba provides niche group-buying capabilities, focused by interest, location, and buying groups. In other words you’ll end up paying less if there’s a group of people that wants to buy the same item. So why don’t you make your network big enough just to get the best deal for your next vacation to Hawaii?

SAVE BIG with Pikaba

Building Your Social Shopping Network on Pikaba

Pikaba-based social shoppers and powerful dealhunters now have three handy options to invite people to their shopping or group buying network. Rest assured, Pikaba makes it pretty darn easy to invite someone connect to you or be your friend (pick your favorite metaphor).

Pikaba.com – Where Your Network And Shopping Merge

The starting page for all your invitation activities is called Invite Friends - no surprises here - and is located on your profile: pikaba.com/friends/invite.aspx. Login to your Pikaba account and see what’s under the hood:

1) Ask Your Facebook Friends to Join

Under the Facebook tab, click the Invite Friends button. Make sure you’re using Facebook as your personal account and not as your Page.


In the appeared pop-up window, scroll through your friends and check the boxes next to the names of the people you want to invite. You can also search for friends in the search box. When you’re done selecting friends, be sure to click Send Requests to send your friends invitations to your Pikaba network.



2) Invite People From Your Address Book

This option can help you find people who are already on Pikaba by looking up contacts from your address books. You can invite contacts to join Pikaba from this page as well.


3) Send Personal Email Invitations

It’s probably the most easiest way of building your network: just enter your friend’s name and email, click Send Invite and in a matter of seconds Pikaba will deliver an invitation to your friend’s inbox.


What’s Next?

Everything is more fun with friends. Post your request describing what you’re looking for — merchants will compete to give you their best deals and discounts! Then share your requests with your network – remember, the bigger the better – and save money using the power of group buying. It’s time to monetize your network. We’ll see you on Pikaba!


Pikaba Ranks #120 on the GeekWire 200 Startup List

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It’s time to celebrate yet another great milestone for Pikaba. We ranked #120 on the GeekWire 200 List. Companies on this list are startups based in the Seattle region, involved in a wide variety of technology, web and scientific fields.

List of Startups in Seattle

GeekWire 200 is a ranked index of Seattle-area startups that uses publicly available data to identify the technology companies most popular and trending among key online communities. The index pulls in data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and SEOmoz, using a weighted algorithm to rank the companies from GeekWire’s larger Seattle Startup List, a directory of more than 700 startups from the Seattle region.

Pikaba on GeekWire's 200

GeekWire will be recalculating the index each month, with an accompanying post on GeekWire highlighting the latest trends as reflected by changes in the list. We’re looking forward to ending up #1 on the list!